John Carpenter Teases A Possible Dead Space Movie

Horror games are popular both to play and watch other people play. Of course, they can serve as a basis for a scary film, too. Legendary filmmaker John Carpenter has expressed his love for the Dead Space series of sci-fi horror titles specifically. In fact, he’s just recently hinted that a film based on it may appear in the future. Despite his experience with horror-related titles, Carpenter has expressed that he won’t be behind the film’s production. Still, he’s apparently close enough to the material to hear details of it. It’s still up in the air who will be leading the film, but expectations could already be rising. Here’s what we know so far.

A Dead Space Movie? And It Already Has A Director?

Movies like Alien showed people how sci-fi and horror go together like jelly and toast. Dead Space capitalized on that and many other sci-fi conventions when it released in 2008. The game became successful enough to warrant a series of sequels, including a new remake this year. Now, it could well be heading for a feature film.

This possibility was presented by renowned director John Carpenter, whose thoughts were reported by IGN. Carpenter says he’s a fan of the series and would be interested in seeing a film about it. In response to numerous people asking “then why don’t you make one?”, Carpenter let slip that another director is up for the job and that he hasn’t been approached.

The Dead Space games gained notoriety not just for style, but also for being downright gruesome. Ads for the sequel Dead Space 2 even showed older viewers responding in horror and disgust over what the game contained. The series follows the recurring protagonist Isaac Clark, an engineer who first got involved when he was called out to address problems in a mining facility. It was there that he met the Necromorphs, monstrous humans mutated by a fleshy alien parasite. With little choice, Isaac was forced to use a number of tools and weapons in order to hack the necromorphs to pieces in hopes of killing them permanently.

It’s been over 10 years since last Dead Space installment, but a remake is on the horizon. Now, it seems that a proper film may be in the works as well. John Carpenter may not be willing to say who’s attached to the project, but chances are good we’ll hear more soon.