Jump The Videogame Heardle With Game Music Trivia

Ever since Wordle was released in October 2021, people have been testing their vocabulary and deductive skills on a daily basis. It works very similarly to the classic game Hangman in that it provides a blank word five-letter word that players have six tries to guess. As an alternative to these daily word puzzles, an anonymous developer created Heardle as a way to test people’s music knowledge by playing short snippets of certain tunes. This also proved to be popular, and has lead to its own spin-off called Videogame Heardle. Now video game enthusiasts are swarming to guess the daily tune which resets every day at 6:00 PM EST.

Videogame Heardle Takes Game Music Trivia Mainstream

Having been called a “sound-based version of Wordle“, Heardle and Videogame Heardle do just that. Instead of guessing a word, you’re given a three-second clip of music to listen to and guess the origins. Your answer can be the song, the artist, or the game title to be considered correct. However, it’s deceptively difficult. That’s because incorrect guesses don’t tell you how close or far you are to the right answer. Each failed or skipped response only provide clues by extending the sound clip by another few seconds.

The reward for getting it right is the gratification of being a true game music aficionado. Plus, you get the chance to share your high score with other players. As another treat, win or lose, you’ll get to listen to the song in its entirety.

Since its release on April 18th, 2022, Videogame Heardle has already loads of attention. The game itself was created by a Twitter user known by the handle @g0m. They claim that they created the game using a combination of code from the original Heardle and programming help from another Twitter user called @joywavez.

Much like the popular itch.io hit Friday Night Funkin’, g0m plans to continuously update his game with new songs as they continue development. As it currently stands, they claim that it has “over a month of songs in it.”

Will Quick is a freelance media wizard living in Spain. When he's not gaming or writing, he's doodling comics or whatever else pops in his head.