New Demo For Kirby and the Forgotten Land Released

Excited Kirby fans today have their first chance to try out the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, today HAL Laboratory released a demo for the latest Kirby game. With both solo and co-op options, it’s a chance for players to weigh up whether to purchase the game prior to its release on March 25.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo and Trailer Out Now

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo and Trailer Out Now

Yes, if you head over to the Nintendo eShop today, March 3, you’ll find a playable demo for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It’s a bite-sized combination of cutscenes and gameplay, giving you a chance to try the title out.

The demo opens with Kirby moored on a beach, after a cutscene showing him careening through space. You then get to take the reigns of the pink blob, exploring a dense jungle. You then explore the abandoned town that’s front-and-center of the marketing, suggesting this demo is taken from early in the game. That’s on top of trying the breath-based combat mechanic, where Kirby breathes in an object to propel it towards enemies or obstacles.

The highlight is undoubtedly getting to play as Kirby, when the hero inhales a car in Mouthful Mode. Combined with the 3D platforming gameplay and wacky tone, it’s an accessible intro for new fans to the series.

Alongside this demo is a five-minute gameplay trailer. It shows off a more varied range of locales and modes, including many of Kirby’s disguises. Expect to harness fire, hammers, sword, and even more in combat. There are dozens of new gameplay approaches in Mouthful Mode, which will change your traversal through the world as well.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is due to release on Nintendo Switch on March 25. With just a few weeks left to wait, this extensive and enjoyable demo will help tide players by until launch.