Kirby and the Forgotten Land Final Boss | How to Beat Fecto Elfilis

Kirby and the Forgotten Land contains a dizzying number of challenges. And if you imagine the toughest challenge is the game’s final boss, you’re not exactly wrong. This final task is difficult, but there are strategies you can use to help survive. Read on to learn the best strategies you can use to win the fight against Fecto Efilis quickly and easily.

How to Beat the Final Boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Fecto Elfilis Kirby and the Forgotten Land

The final boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land a set of multiple phases, with the foe growing and evolving through each encounter. The first two phases shouldn’t provide much trouble, but Ultimate Lifeform Fecto Elfilis can be very tricky.

To understand the commotion, some context is in order. Before the fight, Kirby enters the lab and rides an elevator upward. Then, the voice over the intercom explains how an alien landed on the planet and gifted the inhabitants the ability to travel through space. It explains that this alien split into two beings with its powerful half laying dormant. This second half, naturally, is the character that’s been following Kirby throughout his adventure.

Final Boss Fight Phases One and Two

Once you make it to the first boss fight room, you have to fight a few waves of normal enemies before the real baddie appears, the King of Beasts Leongar. This boss is easy to dodge, with its attacks being able to be jumped out of the way. Once it’s down to about 10% health, it’ll start shooting energy beams at Kirby. Defeating this boss moves Kirby onto the second phase.

In the second fight, the alien behind Leongar will assimilate all the animals into a massive blob of goo. The boss is very easy to dodge as the arena is now a small hallway, so defeating this monstrosity is a piece of cake.

Ultimate Lifeform Fecto Elfilis

The blob will finally consume Kirby’s friend, Elfilin. With the alien now whole it’ll transform into the fearsome Fecto Elfilis. Kirby is going to have to pull out all the stops if he plans on defeating this monster.

Fecto Elfilis has several attacks. The first is one where he shoots beams at Kirby’s current position. Continuing to move in one direction makes these attacks easy to dodge. In the second attack, Elfilis will slam its spear into the ground, causing it to get stuck. This is the perfect window to deal some damage to the boss. This is followed up by an attack where Fecto Elfilis will slash the ground in front of them up to three times. You’ll need to jump or dive to survive these.

A new attack will be introduced at half health, where Fecto Elfilis will fly into the air, and drag its spear across the arena twice. They’ll attempt to do this a third time, before getting their spear stuck in the ground again. This opens up another window of opportunity to deal some damage. The second attack introduced in this phase sees Fecto Elfilis perform a spear lunge at Kirby. Again, this attack is done up to three times.

The Final Phase

Once Fecto Elfilis reaches half health, the next phase will begin. After opening a portal into space, Fecto Elfilis will start hurling meteorites into the boss arena. The small ones are easy to dodge. However, Fecto Elfilis will drop a massive meteor onto the boss arena, which can only be avoided if Kirby runs to the edge of the arena. Do your best to anticipate the attack, then get away quickly.

Fecto Elfilis will also occasionally stab their spear into the ground. This is followed up by more spears appearing from the floor. This attack is very easy to dodge, as they all appear in a straight line. After all of the attacks have been dealt with, Fecto will split into three clones. It’s up to Kirby to decide which one he should attack. However, it’s easy to spot the real one. A circle will close in on the real one, allowing Kirby to pinpoint the real Fecto Elfilis. If Kirby doesn’t attack the real boss, they’ll regenerate health.

Finishing Off Final Boss Fecto Elfilis

Once Fecto Elfilis has been nearly defeated Elfilin will emerge from its back. Kirby must use mouthful mode to pull his friend off of Fecto Elfilis and save them. However, the boss fight isn’t over yet.

Now that Kirby’s friend is free, Fecto Elfilis will open a portal to Planet Popstar. He will then start setting Planet Popstar into a crash course with the Forgotten Land. The only chance at defeating Fecto Elfelis once and for all is to use Mouthful Mode on a Semi-Truck.

Then, Kirby will be tasked with driving across the floating buildings and roads towards Fecto Elfilis. You’ll have to avoid pieces of Planet Popstar as they block off the road and cause obstacles for Kirby to fight. Once you make it to Fecto Elfilis, follow the on-screen commands and you’ll finally defeat the final boss, and in turn complete Kirby and The Forgotten Land!