Kirby and the Forgotten Land | How Many Worlds Are There?

It seems like it’s been a very long time since a new Kirby game has come out but Kirby and the Forgotten Land has arrived. A 3D platformer where you will explore a strange new world as Kirby, your main focus is to travel through this new world and rescue the Lost Waddle Dees. As you’re exploring the different areas in the game, you might wonder how many worlds are there?

How Many Worlds Are There in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Worlds

There are a total of seven worlds in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Each of these worlds is unique and has a different environment and enemies to explore. Most worlds have four different areas and a boss battle, though some vary a bit. Below is a breakdown of each world:

  • Natural Plains: A standard Nintendo fair grass world with four stages and a boss fight.
  • Everbay Coast: A tropical, water-level world with four stages and a boss fight.
  • Wondaria Remains: An abandoned amusement park with four stages and a boss fight.
  • Winter Horn: A London-themed world with snow on the ground. It has four stages and a boss fight.
  • The Originull Wasteland: A standard desert level, with a tinge of Max Max debris and broken down ships thrown into the mix. Like the others, it has four levels and a boss fight.
  • Redgar Forbidden Lands: The penultimate world, with the world being a firey cityscape. You’re going to be put to the test when you conquer what lies inside of the world. This stage includes an extra fifth stage in this world while still keeping a boss fight.
  • Lab Discovera: It’s not a world, as much as it’s a set of cutscenes loading into the final battle of the game. Players will learn shocking truths, as well as encounter some challenging boss fights to finish the game off.

This should answer the question of how many worlds are in Kirby and The Forgotten Land. While it may seem like the game’s low amount of levels and a whole world dedicated to setting the boss’s fight stage is all the game has to offer, there’s plenty to do.