Leak Shows Mario’s ‘Realistic’ Look In Super Mario Bros. Movie

Games being turned into films has a terrible track record. If anything, the problem often boils down to how the characters are translated. The next big VG film in the works is the new Super Mario movie, and his face may have just been leaked to the public. Details about the film have been released piecemeal, and one of the biggest secrets is the main characters’ in-film appearance. However, thanks to one unknowing person, Mario’s movie face might have been exposed. And it’s nothing like anyone could have expected. Whether that’s good or bad is up to each person to decide. If you’re ready to see it, keep reading below.

The Super Mario Movie’s Mario Character

While this isn’t the famous plumber’s first film, the latest Super Mario film has been making waves. Bits and pieces of the film have been shown to the public, but the characters themselves have been well-hidden. That is, until one supposed McDonald’s employee published a photo of a promotional picture on the Discord channel ConnorEatsPants. You can see the leaked image in the Tweet embedded above.

Though promotional art has shown Mario from certain angles, this photo shows his face and the top part of his body. It appears that the movie Mario imitates his VD counterpart’s proportions, but with more realistic textures on his clothes as well as a distinctive collared shirt. Though the source is not 100% confirmed, it seems real enough to explore further.

The Super Mario Bros. game series is arguably the most recognized and prolific in the entire world. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto in the 1980s, every title bearing Mario’s name is almost guaranteed to sell millions of copies. That’s why many are still wondering about the decision to make another Mario film considering that the last big venture in 1993 failed in all regards. This may have a better chance considering that it’s an animated film and has Miyamoto himself behind its writing. Even so, the main cast has been shown to be a list of mostly A-list actors such as Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy who are not known for voice-acting.

The Super Mario movie is going to continue to stay in the news cycle until it finally releases. Unfortunately, the unexpected cast and now Mario’s further revealed design don’t bode well for the final product.