Legend of Mana Techniques | How to Unlock

Legend of Mana doesn’t do a great deal of explaining when it comes to Techniques. However, these upgraded combat abilities account for some of the most powerful attacks in the entire game. Fortunately, the method used to earn new Techniques isn’t too complicated. The whole system works in almost the same way you learn Abilities, albeit with a few added steps. Here’s a closer look at how to unlock Techniques for any and all weapons.

How to Unlock Techniques in Legend of Mana

How to learn Techniques in Legend of Mana

In order to learn a Technique in Legend of Mana, you must know its requisite Abilities. Some Techniques only require one Ability to learn, while some require up to four separate Abilities to unlock. For example, to learn the Cross Strike Sword Technique, you must first learn the High-Jump and Lunge Abilities.

If it helps, you can think of Techniques as even more advanced Abilities. By having the right ones equipped, your Abilities will earn hidden points that, when accumulated, will unlock a new Ability from your equipped weapon. So, in the end, you need to use the weapon that has a Technique you want to learn, then equip its pre-requisite Abilities. After enough time, your character will learn the Technique.

Of course, learning all of them will take a long time and a lot of research. Each Technique has its own required Abilities, and each of those might even have another requisite Ability. For example, the Aforementioned High-Jump Ability only unlocks after learning both Crouch and Jump. Then there’s the matter of quantity. It might take a while to earn one Ability, but you may have to repeat it one hundred and ninety-one times if you want to learn them all.

Considering this is a very old game, the amount of effort put into Legend of Mana Techniques may come as a surprise. Legend of Mana has loads different ways to use weapons, allowing players to approach combat any way they like. In fact, a lot of the fun involves finding out new and secret things that your character can do.

Hopefully this guide made it simpler for you to understand how to unlock Techniques in Legend of Mana. Now get your weapons and use them until you can pull out some really cool ways to slash through the enemies. And if you need help choosing your starting weapon, make sure to check our guide to choosing the best starting weapon in Legend of Mana.