Lego Brawls Launches On Consoles And PC This September

Both a popular toy and useful tool, Lego has expanded beyond simple building blocks to video games with one of its titles getting an update. Many of the Lego games revolve around the idea of building things up and breaking them down in colorful worlds, and Lego Brawls is no different. Originally released for Apple devices, this fighting title is moving on to consoles this fall. Specifically, the game will be made available for PS4/5 and Steam which could help expand its audience. However, it’s likely that the game will need to undergo significant design and graphical changes to complete its transition.

Lego Brawls On Consoles

The Lego series of games is very eclectic covering a whole range of franchises. Both Indiana Jones and Star Wars have their own associated Lego games with the latter getting a recent release covering the Skywalker Saga. Additionally, there have been original Lego games such as the Lego Racers games and Lego Brawls. Even though it was first released on the Apple Arcade in 2019, the game received a very positive reception. It appears that Lego wants to expand on this by ending its Apple exclusivity by making it available for purchase on the PlayStation Store and through Steam on September 2nd.

The Lego Brawls game is another to join the ranks of brawl-type games. Like the Smash Bros. series, the game centers around colorful and chaotic combat. Players choose one of several Lego characters wearing distinctive outfits to enter the arena. It uses the traditional 2.5D fighting perspective by allowing 3D characters to move freely on a 2D plane. The stages are littered with platforms and gaps for players to navigate and use to their advantage. In addition to the standard attacks that the players can use, arenas will spawn items and weapons which can drastically change the flow of combat. Since it’s advertised as a multiplayer game, players will be able to play against each other locally or online.

After being limited to touchscreen play for so long, it’s unknown how much Lego Brawls will play on other platforms. Lego fans will need to wait until September to find out for themselves.