How to Get Full Moonstone of the Covenant in Lies of P

The dark retelling of Pinocchio with Lies of P from Round8 Studio and Neowiz Games blends Soulslike gameplay with compelling storytelling to offer a familiar yet fresh experience. Players assume the role of Pinocchio, who must continuously upgrade his equipment as he makes his way through Krat. This ultimately leads to the necessity of the Moonstone materials, with the Full Moonstone of the Covenant particularly coming to mind.

The Full Moonstone of the Covenant is an extremely rare material that can be found throughout Lies of P, though it isn’t as frequent as its Moonstone kin. Whether you need some additional Ergo to bypass a difficult section or in need to implement some upgrades, every player is going to eventually use a Full Moonstone of the Covenant material for their weapons. There are several ways that Pinocchio can acquire this resource, but it won’t be easy. Krat is a vicious land littered with insane puppets and humans who won’t hesitate to kill Geppeto’s precious puppet.

Where to Find the Full Moonstone of the Covenant Material

Lies of P players can find a Full Moonstone of the Covenant by slaying specific Dimensional Butterflies, looting within the Arche Abbey, or buying from Polendina with a few prerequisites. It’s a late-game resource that allows Pinocchio to upgrade special blades up to +5.

This material is not to be confused with the standard Full Moonstone material, which is used for more common weapons. The Full Moonstone of the Covenant focuses on special weapons, or boss weapons, as some would like to call them. Ultimately, the Full Moonstone is obtained differently, so be sure to keep this in mind.

For the specific Dimensional Butterfly locations that contain the Full Moonstone of the Covenant, here is the following list with the necessary information:

  • Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Stargazer. Run through the lower main corridor until your Monad’s Lamp turns red. Kill the pink Dimensional Butterflies until you’ve obtained the material in question.
  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. Proceed to the lower level outside where Decay is present. Approach the ladder on the other side to ascend while avoiding enemy interference. Enter the next room until Monad’s Lamp turns red.

The next list contains areas where the material can be looted:

  • Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. Ascend the nearby ladder to proceed through a corridor after climbing up some steps. Make a left at the first door you approach where a goblet of fire is on display. Run past this, cross the outside bridge, then jump down to your right to loot a Full Moonstone of the Covenant sitting next to a cracked portion of a building’s rooftop.
  • Ascension Bridge Stargazer. Enter the stone structure where you’ll step into a red room. Make a left past the grandfather clock until you enter a stone corridor – Pinocchio will unsheathe his weapon here. Climb the stone steps, where you reach an open platform; the material is sitting at the very end of the area, on top of a metal platform near the goblets of fire.
  • Arche Abbey Upper Part – Inside Stargazer. Ascend the upper section of the area until you make it to the next level. Make a left and start progressing through abandoned bookshelves, a lit hallway, and into a room with paintings and melting candles. At the goblet of fire, turn left to enter another room. Run through this area until you find a ladder on your left, going up. At the top, make another left to find the material sitting near a ledge before you can cross a bridge comprised of wooden planks.
  • Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer (New Game Plus Only). Access the Trinity Door from the front entrance of the building, located to the left. The material is locked behind a safe. Players will also obtain the Workshop Master’s Workwear and Carrier’s Amulet.
Lies of P Weapon Upgrades

In addition to the Dimensional Butterfly locations and hiding spots, Polendina of the Hotel Krat, who also serves as the personal puppet for Antonia, can supply Pinocchio with the Full Moonstone of the Covenant for 6,500 Ergo. This is only feasible with the acquisition of the Krat Supply Box, Sturdy Krat Supply Box, and Special Krat Supply Box. Providing all three Supply Boxes for Polendia will help expand his inventory, thus allowing him to sell the material that players will need for their upgrades.

Expert Tip

Upon defeating bosses in Lies of P, Pinocchio will receive drops of Rare Ergo. These unique crystals of blue energy can offer our hero significant amounts of Ergo, though they also serve an additional purpose. Once you recruit Alidoro to the hotel, he’ll trade Pinocchio some special weapons and gear for unique pieces of Ergo. The rare portions of Ergo in your inventory are extremely rare, only existing to either be consumed or traded. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are planning your next attack.

Lies of P Full Moonstone of the Covenant

With your rare material, travel to Hotel Krat and speak with Eugenie about making some upgrades. Now that you have the required resources to advance your special weapons, consider how much Ergo you’ll need for other items along the way. The bosses in Lies of P are ruthless, so it’s only fair to fight fire with fire.