Live A Live | How to Recruit All Characters

Upon reaching the endgame of Live A Live, you’ll quickly realize that everything is finally coming together. All seven protagonists have been summoned to Lucrece, with the sinister Odio challenging them once and for all. And while it may seem the story can go one or another, there is one ending to the game that’s considered the true conclusion. To do this, you’ll need to recruit all characters while making your way through the Dominion of Hate. Every character is in a different location, but don’t worry; we can help you locate them all in no time.

How to Recruit All Characters in Live A Live

Live A Live How to Recruit All Characters

Spoiler Warning: This guide deals with the final chapter of Live A Live, with expected mentions of the narrative as a whole. Please, read at your discretion.

There are seven characters that can go up against Odio. With the exception of Oersted for narrative purposes, you start with one hero and search for the others. This means that you only need to find six of them to get to the true ending. However, it’s only fair that we list every protagonist. As a quick reminder, here are the characters: Pogo, Shifu’s successor, Oboromaru, the Sundown Kid, Masaru, Akira, and Cube.


The cavemen from Prehistory will be playing among balmgrass bushes within the southern part of the Silent Wood. He’ll engage in a mild game of hide-and-seek with you. Find them three times to anger him, triggering a fight. Simply win the fight and Pogo will ask to join.

Shifu’s Successor

At the peak of the Last Hero’s Grave will be one of the three students from the Imperial China chapter. If you chose Hong Hakka, feed him food until he’s satisfied and ready to tag along. If it was Lei Kugo, she’ll fight you until you defeat her in combat, thus proposing teaming up. Lastly, Yun Jou will only talk for a bit before he becomes a part of your fellowship.


Our ninja will be waiting in the trees near the entrance to the Forbidden Land. From here, he will ambush you, causing some action to ensue. All you need to do is defeat him in order to be a part of the team.

The Sundown Kid

The gunslinger is definitely the longest one of the bunch to acquire. You need to follow him around Lucrece until he stops you and asks what your business is. Start at the cabin on Last Hero’s Grave, where he’ll be standing to the left. Talk with him, but he’ll grunt and walk away. He’ll then be on a cliff overlooking west – also in Last Hero’s Grave. Next, check the wooden sign south of the Seat of the Betrayers castle. He’s now in the castle. Your next stop will be inside the Throne Room of the castle. After speaking with him, he’ll head west. Next, look for the Sundown Kid resting upon a bed, left of the Throne Room. Finally, exit south of the castle grounds, and the Sundown Kid will stop you in order to get some answers on what’s going on. He will then ask to join.

Live A Live Final Chapter Recruit


The strongest person in the world can be seen working out inside an open cell of the castle. Head to the left side until you find him, where he’ll challenge you to a fight. Therefore, defeat him, and he’ll offer his companionship.


To the left of the Condemned Village will be a sleeping Akira, laying peacefully on a bench. Talk with him to ensure that he can trust you. He’s a psychic so he’ll check, just to be sure. Once he trusts you, he’ll ask to team up.


The robotic hero is hiding in the shadows to the right of the castle’s balcony. He needs a battery, which can be located in the snow near the top of Last Hero’s Grave. Look for a green light. Depending on which character you are, the name of the item will be different, but this is Cube’s new battery. Return this to him, and he’ll come out of the shadows to partner up.

Judging from the list, we recommend selecting the Sundown Kid to play as and recruit the others. His character requires more steps, so it’ll be easier for you to choose him as the main protagonist. Of course, that is entirely up to you. If you wish to experience the true ending, recruit all seven characters before reaching the final battles with Odio. Keep in mind that there can only be four active members in your party and swap them out however you choose. If you prefer to have one of the characters re-join, you can find them in their original spots. As long as you’ve recruited all protagonists and spare Odio’s life at the end, you’ll be good to go.