Live A Live | How to Set Traps

In chapter four of Live A Live, players take on the role of the Sundown Kid, the Wanderer. During his story, he comes into contact with a group of bandits known as the Crazy Bunch, who are terrorizing a peaceful town. Our western hero steps up to help the frontier town of Success be free from trouble, but he’ll need to set up some traps first. Keep reading onward to see how you can set up traps, as well as where to find them.

How to Set Traps in Live A Live

How to Set Traps in Live A Live

Each citizen of Success is built differently, which means you must be careful in choosing which trap to give to who. Traps can be found all across the town by looting each structure. And since you only have eight bells to rely on before the Crazy Bunch arrives, time is of the essence. Collect as many items as you can then return to the Saloon to distribute the traps. The possible traps you should come across are the Barman’s Poster, Bottled Fire, Carrots, Coal Tar, Dynamite, Frying Pan, Horse Dung, Rope, Shovel, and Slingshot. The townsfolk include the Barkeep, Billy, Sheriff, Annie, Dallas, Delos, Sancho, Pancho, Gene, Wayne, Clint, and Cesar.

To properly set your traps, go to each townsperson and give them their task. Once they have their item, they’ll rush out of the Saloon to get straight to work. The important ones to get out of the way are Billy and Annie. Give Billy back his Slingshot and provide Annie with the Frying Pan. These two can only be set up by them; as for everyone else, it all boils down to your judgment of character and time. The quickest characters are the Sheriff and the Barkeep, but their items might surprise you. The Sheriff has no use for weapons, so give him a carrot; for the Barkeep, return his poster so he can use it as a weapon.

The roundtable of cowboys will be your middle ground for reliability. For Gene, Wayne, and Clint, give them the Bottled Fire, Dynamite, and Shovel. As for sweet Dallas, you can offer her a carrot.

It’s Cesar and Delos you have to worry about, however. Cesar has been anxious during this whole chapter, so send him away if you want. Delos admits to not “expect much” from him today, so send him away as well. Or you could leave them be and let everyone else contribute, up to you. If you have spare time before the Crazy Bunch arrives, you can give Cesar and Delos something to do. Delos’s musical partners, Sancho and Pancho, can go one way or another with their traps. Give one of them the Rope and the other the Horse Dung.

The townspeople will be outside digging holes into the ground to set up the traps. The activities will be complete, but only if the characters’ speeds adhere to the bells. Once they have established their traps, they’ll return to the Saloon and wait until morning with you and Mad Dog.

Where to Find All Traps in Chapter 4

Where to Find All Traps in Live A Live

As we mentioned before, the traps are spread across town, and you’ll need to find them first before you can set them. Here is a list of the available traps that you can locate within Success (excluding any healing items and accessories that are found along the way):

  • Barman’s Poster: Located inside the Barman’s dresser after attempting to open Annie’s instead.
  • Bottled Fire: Mad Dog will ask to make them with Empty Bottles and Oil.
  • Carrots:  Two carrots will be sitting in two chests by the wall of barrels inside the Storehouse – one for each chest, of course. One carrot can be picked up from a white bowl in the Diner’s backroom. Another carrot is sitting in a chest on the lower level of the Stables.
  • Coal Tar: Look to the upper left barn, which is the Storehouse. It’ll be on top of a barrel next to the wagon.
  • Dynamite: Regular townsfolk won’t possess such explosives but the Sheriff’s Office will. Two chests will be sitting by his desk; check the second one for the stick of dynamite.
  • Empty Bottles: Used to mix with Oil to make Bottled Fire (or Molotov Cocktail). One is found inside a chest within the bar’s secret basement (pull the light by the cupboard in the room behind the barkeep for the secret room). The next one is in the second room of the Miner’s Lodge in a chest. For the third, enter the Post Office then make your way around to go behind the counter and loot the white box. The fourth and final bottle is located inside another chest in the upstairs section of the Barn.
  • Frying Pan: Head behind the Diner to gain access to the second room. The pan will be hanging on the wall.
  • Horse Dung: Check the bottom pile of hay inside the Stables.
  • Oil: Used to mix with the Empty Bottles to make Bottled Fire. Two are stashed away in the bar: one in a white container in the secret room, and the other is in the room next to the stairs on the lower level. More oil is hiding away in a jar behind the Diner’s counter. The last one is in the upper left house next to the Storehouse; it’ll be inside the left jar within the room by the stairs.
  • Rope: The bundle of rope is within Wayne’s Boarding House in the second room. Stay on the lower level and stand by the three barrels sitting in front of the middle stair platform. There’s a door that’s a bit hard to see but once you enter, loot the chest by the bed for the trap.
  • Shovel: Check the Larder for a wooden wagon on the upper right side.
  • Slingshot: Talk to Billy, and he’ll give it to you.

Set up as many traps as you can. Each successfully placed trap will take out one or more of the Crazy Bunch. Be sure to move as quickly as you can. Any surviving bandits will join O. Dio in his boss battle against you. In addition to the traps for the townsfolk, you can grab two weapons from the Sherrif’s Office. The Peacemaker is located behind the front desk on a rack; the Buntline Special will be upstairs in a room, also on a rack. Although these can’t be used as traps, you can give them to Mad Dog to help you in your fight against O. Dio and his remaining cronies.