Logitech G Cloud Handheld Console Launches In October

Considering console history, one could argue that making a truly successful handheld is incredibly difficult. All the same, mobile technology has vastly improved. And now, an unexpected company is taking a stab at the market. Tech company Logitech has been developing a handheld console called the G Cloud, which is now set to launch in October. The system focuses on cloud-based gaming, having access to several notable services from Xbox and Nvidia. Those looking to do some early Halloween shopping may want to save up for the handheld’s sizeable cost. Logitech has partnered with numerous companies to make this possible and has succeeded in building hype.

The Logitech G Cloud

When it comes to gaming, it could be said that Logitech plays more of a support role. The company has lent its name to a number of affordable gaming accessories, from keyboards and mice to speakers and beyond. But the G Cloud handheld console is a new chance to offer its own gaming experience.

The G Cloud is currently scheduled to release on October 17. Through cloud-based gaming, the handheld will have native access to titles on Nvidia’s GeForce Now, the Google Play Store, and the Google Play Store. It will also have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, unlocking a huge number of additional games. This means there’s a wide and varied range of titles to play from, which helps justify the $349.99 price tag. Its layout is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, but without a detachable screen.

Logitech first hinted at its handheld console earlier this year alongside the goal to improve and expand cloud-based gaming. In pursuing this goal, they formed a partnership with the Chinese company Tencent. Referred to earlier this year by Polygon as the “world’s biggest video game company”, Tencent has shares in many of the biggest names in gaming. Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, and Ubisoft are just a few companies worth noting. According to The Verge, one of Tencent’s biggest roles in the G Cloud’s development involves how the Android launcher works running games from the Google Play Store.

The Logitech G Cloud has been quietly developing in order to stay on track for a Fall launch. Interested players will be able to try it out for themselves in mid-October.