Lost Ark Bilbrin Timber | Where to Find

Lost Ark has frankly too many materials when it comes to upgrading your ship. It feels like you need to head to a grocery store whenever you’re trying to upgrade a simple part of it. And it’s not like they make it easy to upgrade when you find the materials! If you’re trying to find Bilbrin Timber, then you are not alone. It’s an exceptionally rare resource that hasn’t been well-documented. This guide will tell you how to get it normally.

Where to Find Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Bilbrin Timber

Currently, the most consistent method of grabbing Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark is at the merchant’s ship next to Rohendel. The ship goes to Lake Shiverwave. The traveling merchant ship “Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel” will sell you Bilbrin Timber in the “Exchange” tab of their shop. In order to purchase one Bilbrin timber, you will need to spend 25 Sceptrum’s Coins.

The “Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel” is a traveling merchant, and thus it will trade out with other ships every now and then. If you’re desperate for Bilbrin, check out the Lake Shiverwave port every 10 minutes or so while you’re doing other things. The Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel will eventually dock, and you’ll get your timber in no time.

However, you will need Sceptrum’s Coins. These coins are pirate currency, and are just acquired by doing things in the Rohendel. Complete quests and such on the island of Rohendel to get these specific types of coins, and then you can sell it to any merchant on the waterfront of Rohendel. These coins are only accepted by merchants in Rohendel and for any merchant that trades these coins for the more generic Pirate Coin. So, there’s no real reason not to get your Timber, as they are what the coins are good for.

Lost Ark is choc full of these rare and hard-to-find materials. Because of that, it’s best to learn about them as you go! If you’re confused about any other materials that the game throws at you, we can help you out!