Lost Ark Level 50 | What To Do Next

Lost Ark has recently released on Steam, and it’s already making waves. This action RPG takes elements from MMORPGs and games like Diablo to make a perfect gameplay loop. However, games like this have always suffered in endgame progression, if Diablo 3 is anything to go off of. Thankfully, Lost Ark has not floundered, and there is plenty to do once you’ve reached level 50. If you want a quick overview about what to do when you’ve cleared the level cap of Lost Ark, we can help you out!

What To Do After Level 50 in Lost Ark

What To Do After Level 50 in Lost Ark

There are four primary and consistent pieces of content that you can do during Lost Ark‘s post level 50 endgame. The Chaos Dungeons and Abyssal Dungeon are similar, weekly dungeons where you must clear a boss within a set time limit for massive loot piles. The Guardian Raids are a daily activity where you and a team clear a dungeon with limited revives. Finally, the Tower is a solo dungeon experience where you work your way towards the top, with the difficulty increasing over time. There is also the Cube which works similar to the Tower with high randomization.

Other than the five types of randomized dungeons, there are also many, many different world events that will crop up! Keep an eye on your world tracker to see if you can follow an event.

You’ll also want to head to the Island Stronghold, your own personal home that you can build up with loot and furniture.

You can build up your Ship with different types of currency, purchased with Pirate Coins. There’s a lot to unpack in the ship system, but a lot of stuff can be unlocked with endgame dungeons.

And all of this is just the beginning! North America and Europe does not currently have access to Tier 2 or Tier 3 content. So, once those release, you’ll have even more to do in Lost Ark!

What a crazy release! Looking for more new games? We have a few guides on recent releases!