Lost Ark Perception Shards | What Do They Do?

Lost Ark has a lot of different resources for you to collect. Keeping up the grind is a core part of the experience, but it can get hard to keep track of everything. With how many different types of currency you can collect in Lost Ark, you’ll be forgiven for getting a bit off-kilter sometimes. Perception Shards are one of these currencies, so it’ll be good to have a refresher course on them. What do they do? And, if they’re important, how do you get them?

What Do Perception Shards Do In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Perception Shards

Perception Shards are a currency useful for keeping your character’s stats up in Lost Ark. The Shards are available through the Chaos Gate and by completing Chaos Dungeon missions. The shards can purchase items from the Chaos Dungeon vender. These items are primarily used to gain Harmony Leapstones, Shards and Stone Fragments. However, they can also purchase Engraving Books and Jewelry.

Harmony Shards and Leapstones are upgrades to your armor. If you want the best possible armor, then you’re going to want to grab these. You may need to also grab Stone Fragments for some of your armor upgrades. These can all be purchased near the Chaos Dungeon, where the vendor takes perception shards and converts them to items.

However, there are a few other items. Engraving Books allow you to add a level to an engraving. These can help you farm out your skills beyond what your levels would normally allow. Jewelry are simply items that improve your stats. If your current jewelry is outdated, then you can grind out these items to get your character’s power level back on track.

These items are available in places other than the Perception Shard vender. However, this is a very consistent grinding point that you should hit. Chaos Dungeons and Gates are both weekly reward fountains and should be farmed accordingly.

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