Lost Ark Raid Bulletin | Where to Find

It’s time to take on the raids of Lost Ark! This hack-and-slash title has (finally) brought Diablo-eque combat to the MMO genre. It’s proven quite enjoyable, but there are some bumps on the road to greatness. If you’ve reached the Find the Guardian quest, you may have found yourself lost. The game is not too specific on where the Lost Ark Raid Bulletin board is. If you’ve found yourself lost in the cities, looking for this board, then you are far from alone. We can show you where the Bulletin is so you can continue farming for your character.

Where to Find the Raid Bulletin in Lost Ark

Where to Find the Raid Bulletin in Lost Ark

In order to complete this quest and find the Raid Bulletin in Lost Ark, you simply need to head to Vern Castle. In the northern district of the Military District, you’ll find the Raid Bulletin near the Royal Guard. As long as you’ve completed the “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate” quest, you’ll be able to interact with the Bulletin to enter a raid. If you can’t, head into your inventory and scroll through your quest items to sign the document.

The bulletin isn’t exactly obvious. You may need to explore the Military District of Vern for a few minutes before you can find your target.

If the game isn’t letting you interact with the board, despite completing the “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate” quest, double-check that you’ve signed the document in your inventory. If you have, then you should be able to talk with the NPC next to the bulletin. Otherwise, make sure you’ve actually completed the Certificate quest.  This quest is in Vern Castle, and is only completable after the “Afterimages of the Rift” quest. Once that’s out of the way, the bulletin should finally be available for you to use.

Lost Ark is proving just how potent this brawling style of gameplay can be in a polished game. Let’s hope that they can keep this up through content updates! If you’re wanting to know more about this game, and other must-play titles released in American recently, we can help you out.