Lost Ark Raptor Mount | How to Get

Fancy some new loot in Lost Ark? The hit RPG recently added the Raptor mount, a ferocious new rideable animal. It’ll make traversal across the land of Arkesia that bit easier, even though it works exactly the same as other mounts in the game. Despite this, riding around on a dinosaur is undeniably cool. Here’s how to get the Raptor mount in Lost Ark.

How to Get the Raptor Mount in Lost Ark

How to Get the Raptor Mount in Lost Ark

There’s only one way to get the Raptor mount in Lost Ark: You must have an active Amazon Prime subscription. Yes, this exclusive dinosaur mount is a Prime Gaming reward. As such, it is only available to players with an active subscription.

If you do happen to have an Amazon Prime subscription, then getting the Lost Ark Raptor Mount is nice and easy. Simply head over to the Prime Gaming website, log in if required, and claim your gift. As long as your Amazon account is linked to your Lost Ark profile, you’ll find the mount the next time you log in. From there, it’s a simple matter of equipping it. Then you can live out your Jurassic Park dreams by riding around on a raptor!

Sadly, if you aren’t a Prime customer, there’s no way to get this mount. Exclusive items like this rarely become available to all players down the line, so don’t hold your breath. However, you could easily start the 30-day Prime trial to claim the gear without paying for a subscription. Other than doing that, though, there isn’t another way to access the Raptor mount.

Overall, the Raptor mount is a cool little reward for players also subscribed to Amazon Prime. It won’t change your experience by any means, and functions the same as other mounts, but it’s still undeniably impressive. Who wouldn’t want to play with a dinosaur in tow?