Lost Ark Song of Starlight | How to Get

Lost Ark has a lot of things to do in it, from fighting enemies to completing quests. A fun addition to the game is the ability to play music. While it may seem inconsequential compared to all the other things you’re capable of doing in the game, music allows players to increase rapport with NPCs, as well as other beneficial effects. With 20 songs to unlock, it’s hard to know which are worth unlocking. One of the best is the Song of Starlight, which allows you to increase your rapport with Beatrice.

How to Get the Song of Starlight in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Song of Starlight

To get your hands on the Song of Starlight in Lost Ark, you’re going to want to make your way to the Starlight Isle. Once you’re there, you’re going to seek out an NPC named Favreau. You can purchase the song from them for 3,300 Gineah’s Coin. One of the High Seas coins that players can get for completing missions that reward them with that chest.

Some missions around the island will net you these coins, and it’s useful to pick them up so you can purchase the songs. Once you have the Song of Starlight in your inventory, just press F2 and select the song to play it.

As for what the song does, it’s used for quests, and to increase rapport with NPCs. An NPC called Beatrice who resides in Trixion will have her Rapport increased if you decide to play the song for her.

As for quests, in the Quest Amateur Witchcraft, you’ll have to play the song for the NPC to complete the quest. There are plenty of other songs out there that you can find, such as Requiem of Twilight which has a similar function to the Song of Starlight.

Aside from those uses, the song is mostly cosmetic, allowing you to play it anywhere, and entertain your friends, as well as NPCs.