Madden 21 | How To Slide

If you don’t know how to slide in Madden 21, you are not alone. This became a common doubt since they changed the action’s command in the latest version of the game. You probably tried to QB slide and ended up doing something very silly, so you are looking for the correct answer to your question. Well, you do not need search how to do it anymore. We know the answer to that question and we are about to share it with you, so get ready to correctly slide and qb slide when you are playing.

How to Slide in Madden 21

Madden 21 slide

In order to slide in Madden 21, just double tap the dive button. This is square button on PlayStation, and the X button on Xbox. You need to do it really fast, otherwise you might enter a diving animation. Make sure that you practice this a bit to get the timing correct.

The reason players are confused is the fact that the command used to be different. Players used to do the same thing by pressing both triggers plus X, — or R2, L2, and the square button. However, holding L2 or Left Trigger now will cause the player to celebrate instead. It might be really annoying to have your character celebrating instead of sliding in a crucial moment of your game, and could easily cause you to fumble. Therefore, stay aware of the command change and execute it correctly.

Madden NFL 21 is an American football game that was developed by EA. It is just one of the many sports titles of the gigantic publisher. Every year, the game gets better, faster, more polished, and has new mechanics. Now, it has a new way to slide, but you just learned how to do that.

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