Madden 22 | How to Throw a Touch Pass

Madden 22 features a number of gameplay mechanics that are easy to miss if you’re new to the series — or to football games in general. Among other things, these include three different types of passes: lob, touch, and bullet. Learning how to perform, and when to use, each type of pass will allow you to play more strategically and become better at the game. In this guide we’re primarily going to focus on how to throw a touch pass. However, we’ll also talk a bit about the other two types since they are all equally important.

How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 22

How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 22

Throwing any sort of pass in Madden 22 is a simple matter of targeting an open receiver and pressing the corresponding button. The pass type will change depending on how you press the button. To throw a touch pass, you’ll need to hold down the button for about a second or so and then release. Hold down the button for too long or too little and you’ll find yourself throwing a different type of pass.

Touch passes are difficult to master because they rely heavily on good timing and muscle memory. Learning how to throw a good touch pass definitely won’t happen overnight. We recommend practicing your throws in training mode before you attempt to use them in a competitive match. Despite being the hardest to throw, the touch pass is the easiest to catch. Especially in situations where the receiver has a bit of room to maneuver.

Master All Passes

Touch passes aside, you’ll also want to learn how to throw lob passes and bullet passes if you plan on getting better at Madden 22. Lob passes are slow and easy to intercept, making them best suited for receivers who are more or less wide open. Ideally, you’ll want to try to lob the ball past the defense and in front of a receiver who is already running to meet it once it lands. Lob passes are simple to perform as they only require a quick tap of the button.

As far as bullet passes are concerned, they are sort of the opposite of lob passes. Bullet passes are fast and travel almost in a straight line. They are best used in situations where your receiver is covered tightly by the opposition. To perform one,  press and hold the button for a bit longer than you would for a touch pass. A couple of seconds should do the trick. You don’t have to worry about releasing the button in this case. The player will automatically throw it once you’ve held the button for long enough.

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