Madden 22 | What Do Credits Do?

In Madden 22, credits represent credibility, called “Cred” in-game. Along with points and MUT coins, these are one of the three main currencies in Madden 22. As a recent addition to the franchise, it can be unclear what Cred is, what it does, how to get more of it, and even how it differs from the other types of currency and items in-game. So we put together this guide to get you up to speed!

What Do Credits Do in Madden 22?

madden 22 credits

Cred is the main way to customize and improve your character in Madden 22’s MUT and The Yard. As a measure of your credibility, Cred is used to show off your accomplishments and establish yourself as a legendary player with decals, team kits, helmets, and other cosmetic items that give you a visual flair fitting to a player of your hard-won stature.

Using credits, you will be able to buy cosmetic items such as pants, gloves, and helmets which you couldn’t otherwise unlock from completing the many challenges featured in The Yard.

The best way to get credits in Madden 22 is to play through the campaigns and events in The Yard, where you will be rewarded with a few hundred credits for each stage you complete, along with other rewards like items and MUT coins. You can earn credibility from most of the game modes in Madden 22, including Ultimate Team, but the fastest way to get them by far is to complete high-level challenges in The Yard, especially timed events tied to holidays, promotions, or other special occasions.

Outside of The Yard, you can use credits to buy kits for your Madden Ultimate Team, but you can not use credits to buy packs or otherwise improve your Ultimate Team players. To improve your characters, you will need to use points and coins, which frees you up to spend your credits on swag to show off to your friends and opponents.