Madden 23 | How to Add and Play With Friends

The Madden series of football simulation games are likely the best way to experience the game with a controller in hand. But, it’s not exactly the most clean-cut way to do so. Madden NFL 23 suffers from a strange design decision to make adding friends to your account as difficult as possible. If you’ve wanted to add and play with friends, then you’re not alone! Even this far into its lifespan, it can still be quite confusing. Let’s go over what you’ll have to do.

How to Add and Play With Friends in Madden 23

How to Add and Play With Friends in Madden 23

In order to add friends and play with them online in Madden 23, you will need to first make an EA Account. Once you have that, you can add friends through the EA account itself. This option is accessible by hovering over the avatar in your top left corner, pulling up your list, and then choosing the “Add Friend” option. Once you have your friends added to the list, you can play with them by heading to the Play with Friends option on the right side of the main menu.

Adding friends is the hardest part of the process, since EA doesn’t let you do that in-game. You’ll have to do it through the EA App first, and then you can invite friends to your game in Madden 23. Since the game syncs up with the app, this does mean that you keep the same friend list on console and PC. You can also import friends from other apps, such as Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Once they’re on the list, if you click on “Play with Friends,” you should now be able to invite them to your game. If not, double-check that you are logged into the right EA Account and are currently online. There’s a chance that either of those options may have de-synced at some point during your game’s launch.

While we are waiting for the next game in the Madden franchise, check out some of these tips so your Madden NLF 2023 experience can continue smoothly!