Madden 23 | How to Audible

Feel like your plays are a little bit too stiff and non-adaptable for most games? You might not be using a critical feature of Madden 23. In almost all situations, you’ll want to have the ability to change what your units do on the fly. An audible is just what you need in Madden 23. This single button will give you so many different options. It’s going to be critical for harder difficulty computers and any player that knows what they’re doing! So let’s walk up to the line of scrimmage and talk about how to change stuff!

How to Audible in Madden 23

How to Audible in Madden 23

To audible in Madden 23, press either Square (PS) or X (Xbox) to open up the menu of options. Once the menu is open, either use the D-pad to scroll through options or use the Right Analog Stick to quickly call a different play. In addition, you can use the D-pad to select specific audibles while on defense, as well as Triangle (PS) or Y (Xbox). This option is only available right before the snap, and cannot be done afterwards.

Audibles essentially tell your computers what you should be doing on the fly. These allow for very quick options to confuse and disorient your opponent, but be careful! It’s not always correct to spam out an audible on specific plays, as the computers are only so intelligent. Be sure to check what your audibles do before the match begins so you can make informed decisions.

On Offense, you don’t have to use the menus! Use the D-pad for quick swaps. For instance, Up is quick pass, Down is Run, Left is Play Action Pass and Right is Pass.

For Defense, Up is Cover 2 Man, Down is Blitz, Left is Cover 3 and Right is Tampa 2.

Once you can master these quick audibles, you’ll give your opponent no time to adjust! And with enough practice, these can replace your standard plays.

That being said, it always pays to be prepared. Check out some of our other guides to this surprisingly complicated game!