Madden 23 | How to Do a Spin Move

The spin move in Madden 23 is an effective maneuver that can fool any defensive player on the field. While it is technically a variation of the juke action, it doesn’t include tricky footwork for spectacle. Instead, the spin is literally a 360° cut around an opposing player with the hope of achieving more yards down the line. Precision and slick movements definitely play roles in the spin move. We’ll take a peek into how to properly perform one in Madden 23.

How to Spin in Madden 23

How to Spin in Madden 23

To activate a spin, press B on the controller or the F key for mouse & keyboard users. Doing so will initiate a 360° offensive move that ball receivers can utilize. In lieu of committing to sidestepping, your player will instead quickly turn their back to eventually move forward without breaking momentum. This is so you can still proceed toward a singular route without dancing to the left or right in order to avoid a tackle.

Performing a spin is only a reasonable method if you see only one player charging at you. While it may be useful in evading your football rival, having more than one come at you can be problematic. You’ll have different forces of strength attempting to take you down, and a simple spin won’t do. That’s why it’s best to resort to juke or a side-sprint, where you basically dart toward another direction. Just be sure you cover enough ground for yourself to plan out your next move, whether it be a spin, juke, stiff arm, etc.

Of course, if you aren’t content with the default settings for the spin move, you can always make adjustments. All you need to do is access the Game Controls within the game’s settings and look for the Ballcarrier tab. From there, you’ll be able to configure your controller type and see which settings are more favorable for your gameplay experience.

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