Madden 23 | How to Pump Fake

Tricking your opponent is a critical part of Madden 23. Quickly being able to divert some attention to a different part of the screen can be the difference between an interception and a successful throw. The pump fake in Madden 23 is a classic tactic to make your opponent look the wrong way. But, in order to access it, you’ll have to know what the game expects out of you. It can be a little bit strange to do every time, and it can ruin your timing. But, once you get good at this QB maneuver, you’ll have a good toolbox for quickly changing your mind during a play.

How to Pump Fake in Madden 23

How to Pump Fake in Madden 23

In order to perform a pump fake in Madden 23, you must press the button that marks a receiver twice in quick succession. This will keep the ball in your QB’s hand, but have them pretend to throw it in that direction. You can then throw it to any receiver, but be prepared! This command takes some time, so a sneaky defending player might be able to curve around your line for a sack.

Mashing the button can have very mixed results, from doing just one fake to faking and throwing, so try to keep it to just two presses. This will give you maximum control over your QB during the pass play.

The duration of the button being held can ruin your chance at faking. This is because the Bullet and Lob pass actions are based on how long you hold it down. To be safe, practice your double-tap to avoid accidentally going for a Bullet pass.

A big issue with a pump fake is defensive pressure. Since your QB gets less accurate as opponents approach, more than one fake can be risky. Check your QB’s Superstar abilities to see if he’ll stay calm under pressure. Otherwise, be sure to fake only once or twice to avoid the penalty getting too high!

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