Madden 23 | How to Watch Replays

Oftentimes in sports, rewinding a play can be critical when it comes to making conclusions, especially in Madden 23. Whether someone is challenging a call or they’re curious about how something turned out, replays are essential in playing back footage. The latest installment in the Madden franchise once again features the ability to go through a completed play, which can actually act as the Photo Mode for the game as well. Keep reading to learn how to access replays from your matches.

How to Watch Replays in Madden 23

How to Watch Replays in Madden 23

To open a replay, pause the game’s match after both teams huddle up for the next play. You’ll find “Instant Replay” among the options in the pause menu, and it’ll showcase the entire previous run. This can only be done when the team huddles, or whenever the next strategy is being picked out. It’s simply a matter of timing: pause when the athletes stop and gather together. You’ll be able to see what went down, coupled with several opportunities to capture some sweet screenshots in the process.

Replays work out just like what you would expect. You almost have full control over editing and camera positioning, but there’s certainly a limit here. Of course, replays allow you to rewind, fast-forward, stop, and zoom with the click of a button. With Madden 23, you can select a player on the field to focus on. From there, you can adjust the camera angles to your liking — elevate or lower, rotate and twist, or a solid bird’s eye view of the action. Although you can’t necessarily tilt your perspective, you’re given sufficient freedom to rerun and capture moments in a game.

Whenever you zoom in or out of a frame, you’ll need to fine-tune your shot with the depth of field (DOF) alterations. This will fix any blurriness in your shots, which will help strengthen the surrounding environment on your subject. Additionally, you can add up to five snapshots per game, so be sure to use them accordingly whenever you dive into one of the replays.