Madden 23 Player Lock | How to Use

There are a few controls that are only used in a few modes in Madden 23. These controls can be a bit confusing to work with, but are critical to understand to maximize your control. The player lock in Madden 23 is used for the Ultimate Team and Face of the Franchise modes. This control allows you to handle a single player while the rest of your team is AI controlled. This puts you at the wheel for a final big push using your Superstar player. If you want to guarantee the success of big plays in these otherwise relaxing singleplayer modes, knowing how this works is key!

How to Use Player Lock in Madden 23

How to Use Player Lock in Madden 23

To activate Player Lock in Madden 23, you must be playing a mode like Ultimate Team or Face of the Franchise, where you are not usually controlling players. While in this mode, double click the left stick to activate Player Lock. Doing so will let you control whichever player you had selected at the time, while the computer takes over the rest of your team. This can allow for streamlined plays with you focusing on a single man.

Player lock is sadly not available in all modes. It is in single-player content and the manager game modes, but not much else.

Player lock is a bit finicky to work with. In the modes where it can be activated, you’ll have to click your left stick twice. This can be frustrating, since you can also do it before the snap in emergencies. Once you’ve done this a few times, it’ll be a bit easier to select who you want and go for broke.

There are a few flaws of player lock. The AI is tolerable, but having more general control over your team can be a bit better. You can also get fairly unlucky; taking over a receiver means that you are more likely to be targeted by an AI QB. And if you get covered by a bunch of guys, it can be a bit of a headache.