Madden 23 Switch Players | How to Change Position

Players are expected to take control of the field whenever their teams step foot into Madden 23. Everyone on the green field plays a crucial role, for both the defensive and offensive ends. While we do play by default, we can actually switch up players to assume the role of another teammate. This is especially helpful for the defensive lineups where we’ll need to adjust formations and shift perspectives.

How to Switch Players in Madden 23

How to Switch Players in Madden 23

We can switch players by pressing B for controllers and the F key for mouse & keyboard enthusiasts. Pressing this will toggle between each player on your team until you land on the desired athlete. But instead of repeatedly pressing it, you can hold down the button to scroll through your available players on the field. Ultimately, this speeds up the process of not only switching a player but figuring out your next techniques. A circle will appear around the chosen player’s feet to help you indicate whom you’ve selected.

Changing up your positions during a game can be critical to witness the odds shift in one way or another. You can switch to another player during mid-play – which is a given – but you can align your players the way you want by picking and moving them around. For the defensive side, you’ll need to keep your eyes on the opponent with the ball. There’s a great chance that one of your members will be behind them, and you’ll have the power to assume control of them to perform a tackle. The game has a habit of registering the possible outcome for either side on the field. If you switch in the neck of time, the cursor will adjust to the closest player, ensuring possibilities.

As a side note, here are a few things to keep in mind when switching around your players. Your primary defensive lineup is the Linemen themselves, reserved for the front row action. You won’t have to worry about moving around these partners; it’s the defensive backs and ends you need to focus on. Their job is to maintain a secure space away from the opposing players by avoiding any oncoming passes and rushes. These athletes are the ones we recommend working with while switching up the players, as well as the Linebackers who abide by the outside with the Cornerbacks. In short, keep the Linemen in check up front while you map out and switch any players behind and/or to the sides of them.

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