Make Starfield PS5 Exclusive Petition Crashes and Burns

Make Starfield PS5 Exclusive Petition Crashes and Burns

Space will never go out of style, but it does create a lot of high expectations when it comes to gaming experiences. Starfield is quickly shaping up to be the biggest space-themed game this year, and as such has drawn a lot of community attention. Considering how graphically demanding the game is going to be, the PS5 seems like a solid platform to carry it. Naturally, some gamers made the leap that the PS5 should be the only platform to host the game. A petition to make Starfield a PS5 exclusive took off and quickly got some definitive feedback. However, it looks like Starfield isn’t planning to expand its horizons — nor limit them to Sony’s console.

Starfield PS5 Petition Fails

Though Starfield has been generating buzz lately more than ever, it was first announced almost five years ago in 2018. It’s currently scheduled to release this year in September for both Xbox and PC. However, certain PlayStation users were not pleased by this, and took to the web to start a petition to try and make the game a PS5 exclusive.

Based on the coverage by Gaming Bible, the petition was started on June 15 and hosted on with a request for 1,500 signatures. Looking through the details, it was started with the reasoning that Bethesda has always released games on PS5; that Starfield will be a power-hungry game; and that the PS5 has shown to be a strong machine to support such demanding titles. However, despite receiving quite a lot of signatures, many were done explicitly so that signees could leave comments chastising the creator.

Starfield has gone through a lot of changes during its development and marketing, but it’s definitely going to be a game on a grand scale. It’s also one of the biggest titles to release under Bethesda’s label since a recent agreement signed with Xbox. Going forward, Xbox (and by extension PC) are going to take priority on all future Bethesda releases. This means that there’s a chance people will see less of Bethesda on PlayStation consoles as time goes on.

Many are watching Starfield as it gets ever closer to its release date, but PlayStation owners will have to consider switching to Xbox or PC if they want to try it out. Petition or not, it seems the game is not heading for a PlayStation release any time soon. Sony fans simply shouldn’t hold their breath for this one.