Mario Party Superstars Maps | All Boards List

Mario Party Superstars is bringing forth a series of games that will see players re-visit classic Mario Party board maps. The game has already launched, with some wondering just how many maps they can expect to play on. And since every title in the franchise has introduced new ones, we’ve compiled all of the playable boards you will see in Mario Party Superstars.

How Many Maps Does Mario Party Superstars Have?

Mario Party Superstars All Boards Maps

Mario Party Superstars will have five different maps to play through during its initial launch. All five are recreations from the original Nintendo 64 trilogy of Mario Party games, and each come with their own unique features. In addition to the five boards, the game features 100 mini-games from all previous installments in the series. At the moment, this is the launch content, so it’s possible to see more maps appear in future DLC.

The five maps are essentially remakes from Mario Party 1-3. They range in difficulty from 1-5.

  1. Yoshi’s Tropical Island from Mario Party
  2. Space Land from Mario Party 2
  3. Peach’s Birthday Cake from Mario Party
  4. Woody Woods from Mario Party 3
  5. Horror Land from Mario Party 2

Each map will be packed with its own set of encounters and conditions. For instance, Peach’s Birthday Cake includes coin-stealing Strawberries and a standstill Star that will never move. This sets it apart from the others for the Star on their boards will spawn at one of several spots. Space Land will see a counter in the middle of the board that will eventually reach zero. Activating this will trigger Bowser to fire his Beam on the players, potentially costing them all of their coins. In Woody Woods, the various event spaces can change the entire trajectory of a game with just one turn.

As aforementioned, these games are recreations, so you probably won’t see an option to switch back to the original version in Mario Party Superstars. This certain feature can be implemented in the future, but Nintendo sees these titles as a complete refresh for the series. So, if you wish to go down memory lane, you just might have to stick with the original.

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