Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key | What Does it Do?

The spectacular skeleton key is an item that any player can easily obtain in Mario Party Superstars. Just like any other object in the game, there’s always a special use for one of these. And oftentimes, these keys can be of great help during a party round to flip over someone’s odds for another’s. For the skeleton key, it might just do the trick. Here’s what you can do with the skeleton key in Mario Party Superstars.

What Does the Skeleton Key Do in Mario Party Superstars?

Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key Space

The skeleton key can open special gates that locked certain passages. These can be utilized as shortcuts to get from point A to point B, or as opportunities to steal the other goals of players by embarking on another route. Whenever you have a skeleton key in your inventory, you can only activate it when you’re next to one of the secret gates as opposed to the beginning of your turn.

Visiting one of the Item Shops can provide you with one of these keys. They usually go for about three coins, which is one of the cheapest items you come across in the game. Least to say, it is easily obtainable fairly early on in any party match. Once purchased, you can then use it whenever you wish during a game. Additionally, if you land on a Lucky Space, there’s a chance you’ll acquire one as well. Though, of course, that is all by luck – but there are other items that the spot can give you. You can potentially get an Item Bag, a Dice Block, a certain amount of coins, etc.

I can unlock this gate, but you know… only if you really want me to.”

Another chance of luck can be commenced by landing on an Item Space. On this spot, six different items will be offered as winnable prizes through one of the bite-sized games. They all require a certain amount of focus as if they were on-the-go games from a fair. Aside from the key in question, these item minigames can also possibly provide you with a Double Dice, Triple Dice, Dash Mushroom, or a Warp Block.