Mario Party Superstars | Will There Be DLC?

Mario Party Superstars has come out of the gate swinging! With some great boards (and a somewhat lacking roster), as well as a huge pile of minigames, Mario Party fans should be sated for quite a while. However, there’s quite a bit missing from the product. With no unlockable characters or known unlockable boards, our options are a touch limited. So, do we know if Nintendo plans on making Mario Party Superstars DLC? Or will we have to play the same (admittedly great) boards for the game’s lifespan?

Will Mario Party Superstars Have DLC?

Mario Party Superstars DLC

As of the current publishing of this article, there are no announced DLC plans for Mario Party Superstars. There have been no major content update announcements either. As of right now, it would seem that the game is a completed product.

Though despite no official word from Nintendo, there is definitely a lot of room for Mario Party Superstars DLC, or at least a major content update. Super Mario Party needed to simmer for an exceptional amount of time before receiving a large update that added content to it. It is almost impossible to imagine Mario Party Superstars without added content, and Nintendo would be leaving a large hole in the market if it doesn’t capitalize.

As for what would be added, characters and boards are easy guesses. There is a large assortment of popular characters that could be added to a ten character roster, such as Diddy Kong or Bowser Jr. There are also a few boards that could be added to the game, such as the ones from Wii entries of Mario Party 8.

However, we sadly cannot confirm any of this. It is entirely possible that Mario Party Superstars will stay as-is. This might be especially useful if Nintendo wishes to push Super Mario Party in the future. Thankfully, there are enough modes to keep most players satisfied for a long time.

If you wish to play Superstars, we actually have a few guides about the game’s mechanics! For instance, we have articles about Bonus Stars or if Gamecube Controllers work as of the release update.