Marvel Announces New Game Starring Captain America and Black Panther

At the Marvel games event at this year’s D23, the comics titan announced a brand-new game set in the Marvel universe. Spearheaded by Skydance New Media, it’s a time-spanning action game starring Captain America and Black Panther as protagonists. Details are still very slim, but given the caliber of talent working on it, this new Marvel game will no doubt make a huge splash when it releases.

Skydance New Media Developing New Marvel Game

new Marvel game

We may not have a title for this new Marvel game just yet, but the reveal trailer gives out a fair amount of detail. The cinematic shows warn-torn Paris during WWII. This is followed by a shot of a desk littered with HYDRA insignias, making it no surprise who the main villains are. We then get to see Captain America’s signature vibranium shield, tattered with claw marks across the top. Those are the product of the Black Panther — but not the one most audiences are familiar with.

Based on the final shot of the trailer, it seems like this new Marvel game is a four-player co-op experience. The tagline is “king, captain, soldier, spy,” teasing the four different classes you’ll be able to play as. Further information shared by Geoff Keighley breaks down those roles. There is of course Steve Rogers/Captain America, but also a WWII version of Black Panther embodied by T’Challa’s grandfather, Azzuri. You’ll also get to play as a Howling Commandos soldier called Gabriel Jones, and a Wakandan Spy called Nanali. It’s unclear whether you play in simultaneous co-op or at set points during the story. We’ll have to wait and see.

Perhaps the main source of excitement is the fact that Amy Hennig is spearheading the project. The head of Skydance New Media is best known for her work at Naughty Dog, as Creative Director and Writer on the first three Uncharted games. As such, she’s got a reputation for crafting quality adventure game narratives, so things are looking bright. This new Marvel game could still be a long way off, but expectations are already high.