Marvel’s Avengers | Is Crossplay Supported?

Marvel’s Avengers has been recently added to the Xbox Game Pass. With just over a year since its original release, the player base has been a little jumpy. This comes with the botched release and beyond, but the developers have been working on refining the experience. Now, with more DLC on the way, more players are interested in joining up with their friends, and are wondering if crossplay is supported for all platforms. So, here’s all you need about crossplay support for Marvel’s Avengers.

Is Marvel’s Avengers Crossplay?

Marvel's Avengers Crossplay Support

Marvel’s Avengers does not support crossplay. The game does have cross-generational support, allowing players on PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Series X|S to play together. However, there’s no cross-platform play, so players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles cannot join matches together.

Thankfully, you can at least keep it within the console family. Friends who all have either PlayStation or Xbox consoles can link up through cross-gen. If you have a bud who owns the PlayStation 4 but you have the PS5, don’t worry, you can still assemble. However, if you own a PlayStation console and your mate wields an Xbox, you’ll just have to hope that one day that Square Enix implements crossplay support.

Even with a year under its belt, it’s a little astonishing that crossplay still isn’t available for Marvel’s Avengers. The idea of teaming up with your friends as Avengers is a guaranteed good experience, but this hurdle fails to propel the multiplayer to a higher seat in the reception radar. Since players are essentially limited to their own consoles, online play can only reach so far.

With the addition of the Game Pass inclusion, the chance of seeing crossplay support might be near, however. When subscribed to Game Pass, players will be able to play Marvel’s Avengers on both their Xbox consoles and PC. It’s a small step in the potential road that we all hope to see. If the developers see success in this, they could start to bring crossplay to the title in the near future.