Marvel’s Midnight Suns | How to Use Agatha’s Offering Bowl

You need to gather all of the resources that you can muster in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Being able to scrounge up keys and scraps is critical for the state of your gear and cards. That’s why Agatha’s Offering Bowl is such a strong mechanic in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It is very important that you get it, but it is also extremely confusing and, frankly, quite scary. How do we use this relic of the past? What are the consequences of guessing wrong? And what items should you use on it? We’ll let you know in this quick guide!

How to Use Agatha’s Offering Bowl

Marvel's Midnight Suns Agatha's Offering Bowl

In order to use Agatha’s Offering Bowl in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you will first need to unlock it. Speak with Agatha during the story to unlock the quest, then head to her altar to the west of the Abbey. Follow the set of stairs with a brazier on top up to the glowing bowl, which is the Offering Bowl that you’re working with. You can use Artifacts, combined with Words of Power, to gather resources like Arcane Keys and other resources.

To make good use of Agatha’s Offering Bowl, you will first need to gather her Words of Power. These are from a constant questline which you will make progress on from level 1 to 16. “Reveal” tends to work on most artifacts.

Once you have all of the Words, you’re in luck! You cannot fail to use Agatha’s Offering Bowl. Even if you fail the first combination, the Artifact is not used up or anything. You can just try each of the Words of Power on each Artifact.

Be careful, however! Artifacts are not only used on the bowl. They can sometimes be handed out to heroes as gifts. Choose wisely! Usually, the arcane keys will be worth more than a simple gift. But, you will want to wait until you have something that a Key can unlock.

You will need to use keys often if you want to safely reach the maximum level of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. So, keep your manifold artifacts to your chest! Who knows when you might need a key.