Marvel’s Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery | Where to Find

Marvel’s Midnight Suns strikes an excellent balance between turn-based combat and explorative RPG elements. The majority of the investigations you’ll encounter in the game take place in the hero’s hideout, the Abbey. As you progress through the game, interact with other heroes, and increase your friendship level, you will unlock more and more mysteries to unearth. One of the late-game ones that are rather hard to solve is the meteor mystery. So if you’re having trouble locating it, keep reading because we’ll show you where to find this hunk of space rock right below.

Where to Find the Meteor Mystery in Midnight Suns

Where to Find the Meteor Mystery in Midnight Suns

You’ll trigger the meteor mystery in Marvel’s Midnight Suns after unlocking a new friendship level with a hero and by hanging out stargazing with them. You also need to have the first two regions on the Mirror Table unlocked. Once you’ve hit all these pesky requirements, you’ll get a cutscene during the stargazing hangout that will show a meteor crashing down onto the Abbey Grounds. Now all you have to do is go searching for this mystery meteor.

To find and solve the meteor mystery you’ll need to head to the Misty Moors area in the Abby Grounds. You can get here by heading out from the training yard and going right. As soon as you enter Misty Moors, look up to the right and you should see the meteor smoke in the sky. Now just follow it to lead you all the way to the mystery meteor. Once you’re at it, examine the meteor to complete the mission, easy as that.

As a reward for your investigative efforts, you’ll gain some Arcane Knowledge, an epic Gamma Coil, and a legendary green skin tone. All of which are pretty awesome rewards for what’s a relatively easy mission. That’s why it’s worth your time to track down and complete the mystery meteor mission when you come across it in the game.

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