Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 To Feature Tony Todd as Voice of Venom

Following the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018), the developers at Insomniac are well underway on a sequel. No one quite knew which Spider-Man supporting characters would appear next, but now it seems a fan favorite is about to enter the fold. We speak of Venom, the menacing symbiote that shares a long history with the web-slinger. And the news gets better, as we’ve just learned that Venom will be voiced by film actor Tony Todd.

Tony Todd As Venom In Spider-Man 2

That’s right, veteran film actor Tony Todd, perhaps most well-known for his role in Candyman, will be voicing Venom in the upcoming release. Considering the complex relationship these characters have, this reveal hints that Venom play a key role in the sequel. Though it has not been officially confirmed, the game is expected to release at some point in 2023.

Venom is one of the more fleshed out and complex characters in the Spider-Man universe. Thankfully, he’s good hands with Tony Todd behind him. Though it is not clear what sort of role Venom will be taking on in the upcoming game, he’ll likely be a main character complete with boss fights. As you can see from the tweet above, Todd is already enhancing the sinister air surrounding Venom. His voice has both a villainous yet calming quality. It works in favor of the character, helping to keep people guessing at his intentions.

Serving as a sort of rival to Spider-Man, Venom is the result of an alien being called a Symbiote fusing with Peter’s former colleague Eddie Brock. Though initially driven by hatred towards Spider-Man and Peter Parker, Venom has shifted to more of an anti-hero. He’s even aided Spider-Man in his endeavors at various times. But again, for now, what type of role he’ll be serving in Spider-Man 2 is still up for speculation.

Spider-Man 2 is quickly becoming a highly anticipated title for 2023 with the reveal of both Venom and Tony Todd’s involvement adding to that. Having a veteran horror actor playing a veteran monstrous villain is a winning combination.