Mass Effect 2 Geth Pulse Rifle | How to Get

The weapons that Commander Shepard and his team can acquire in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition can vary in style and execution. Some have the advantage of critically hurting an enemy while others won’t be much help against those foes in armor. Regardless, it’s imperative to equip a strong arsenal, but not every gun can be easily purchased or discovered. That is absolutely the case with the Geth Pulse Rifle in Mass Effect 2, which is an extremely handy weapon that can be quite useful against the Geth themselves. If you’re having some issues locating this hidden rifle in the second game, keep on reading to see where you can find it!

How to Get the Geth Pulse Rifle in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Geth Pulse Rifle Location

In Mass Effect 2, the only way to obtain the Geth Pulse Rifle is by playing through Tali’s recruitment mission while on Haestrom. You will need to play on either the Hardcore or Insanity difficulty setting, but you can simply adjust it before the start of the mission. Proceed with the mission until you reach the room where Quarian individuals lay deceased.

You’ll speak with Tali about getting doors open and her, but a Geth Colossus stands in your way. Defeat the insidious walker, and Tali will be available for official rescue. Upon opening the door to talk with her, there will be an Intact Pulse Rifle on the ground. Pick it up, and the Geth Pulse Rifle will be yours.

In addition to Shepard using the weapon, Garrus, Grunt, and Zaeed can also equip the rifle for combat. It’s recommended that this weapon be a part of your armory for Mass Effect 2. Its accuracy is extremely efficient, it packs a punch against the Geth with some special ammo, and it’s greatly effective against shields and barriers.

The Geth Pulse Rifle makes another appearance in Mass Effect 3, though the steps to attaining are more simplistic. It will simply pop-up at an Arsenal Supplies shop after a certain mission’s completion, even if you missed it. So, be sure to utilize the rare weapon as much as you can. Can’t go through all that hard work for nothing, right?

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