Mass Effect 2 Max Level | What is the Level Cap

The Mass Effect series is one of the best 3rd Person RPGs ever created, so it’s no wonder that Commander Shepard has been revived in the Legendary Edition! However, the original games do change quite a bit of mechanics with the new Mass Effect Legendary Edition. One of these things is the max level of Shepard. Since the developers have changed how Mass Effect 1‘s leveling system works, it makes sense that the second game might have felt some changes as well. So, is the level cap for Mass Effect 2 different than it was before? And what even was it before?

What is the Max Level in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2 Max Level

The max level in Mass Effect 2 is 30, which is true for both the standard game and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition package. You start the game with two Squad Points and gain two points for every level until you get to 20. Then, you get one point per level between Levels 21-30, which can be distributed around to get Shepard additional powers and abilities. This gives you a total of 51 points to get over 30 levels, including bonus points that you get for earning the loyalty of your squad members.

This grind is the same in each edition, which isn’t the case for every game in the Legendary EditionMass Effect 1 has a new, reduced level cap of 30 as well, which keeps it in line with the other two games of the series… And allows you to actually reach the level cap in a single campaign.

While 51 points sounds like a lot to get upgrades and squad powers, and that’s because it is. You’ll be able to experiment with a few different builds within your class thanks to this massive number of points, though you are still recommended to focus on specific powers that you use often.

Each power can be upgraded six times, with it evolving after Tier 3 to give you new options and utility. These upgrades are highly effective and will benefit a player a lot in later, more difficult fights. However, you do get enough points over your Mass Effect 2 career to get any abilities that your class allows. Build smart, but don’t be afraid to branch out!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a nostalgia trip for many people who grew up with the game. Want to know more about the definitive new way to play the Mass Effect original trilogy? Check out our guides!