Mass Effect 3 Best Sniper | Which Rifle is Best?

When it comes to using heavy weaponry in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, picking out the best should be easy. You’ll stumble across a number of powerful guns throughout the missions in BioWare’s award-winning space trilogy. But depending on your class for Shepard, looking for the most effective arsenal can be complex at times. This guide will focus on acquiring the best sniper rifle for your Commander in the third entry, where the Reapers are ravaging the galaxy.

What is the Best Sniper Rifle in Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 3 best sniper rifle

Mass Effect 3 has a total of nine distinctive sniper rifles to choose from. There’s the M-13 Raptor, M-29 Incisor, M-98 Widow, the Black Widow, M-90 Indra, M-92 Mantis, M-97 Viper, N7 Valiant, and the Javelin. Naturally, you also have some important stats to check for when selecting your weapon: Weight, Capacity, Fire Rate, Damage, and Accuracy all vary. Some might have more reload time to compensate for more effective power; others might include more shots in favor of reducing accuracy. Considering all weapon statistics, the Black Widow is the best sniper rifle to wield in Mass Effect 3.

The Black Widow sniper rifle is equipped with the following stats: 98/100 for Weight, Capacity at 14/100, Fire Rate with a 6/100, Damage goes for 66/100, and Accuracy falls at 80/100. It’s essentially the upgraded version of the almighty M-98 Widow, which has the highest damage power of all the sniper rifles with 75/100. The only downside to the M-98 Widow is its thermal clip capacity with merely one shot per clip. With the Black Widow, its firing mode is set to automatic that allows three shots to fire before a reload.

Where to Find the Black Widow

You won’t need to venture into a mission in order to obtain the Black Widow. In fact, it’s actually sold at the Spectre Requisitions on the Citadel. That’s good to know, but you should keep in mind that its price tag is 250,000 Credits. It may be a hefty purchase, but the Black Widow can be a hugehelp on the battlefield, especially with a couple of mods attached to it.

If you’re not enthusiastic about buying a sniper rifle, then the M-98 Widow and Javelin are good second choices. You can find the M-98 while fighting on the planet of Thessia. For the Javelin, it can be found during the Rannoch: Admiral Koris mission.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful in your decision to pick out the best sniper rifle. The trilogy features many different weapons, so knowing which ones are the finest can be hugely advantageous for you when fighting the Reapers.

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