Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Paramour Achievement | How to Unlock

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition features three achievements tied to establishing romantic relationships. The first of three, Paramour I, requires you to establish a relationship in any game in the trilogy. The second requires you to establish one in two games, and the third for establishing romances in all three games. Luckily, there is an easy trick that will allow you to get all three achievements in just one game.

How to Unlock the Paramour Achievements in Mass Effect

Mass Effect Paramour

Unlocking the three Paramour achievements will net you 80 Gamerscore, and can all be obtained near the end of the first game in the trilogy, just prior to going to Ilos. Which characters you can establish relationships with is dependent on which character you are playing as. If you’re playing as a male Shepherd, then you are limited to Ashley and Liara, while a female Shepherd has the choice between Kaiden and Liara. Pick whichever character you’d like to pursue early on in the game.

At the end of each main planet mission, you’ll find yourself back on the Normandy, free to converse with other characters. Every opportunity you get, chat with the character you’d like to establish a relationship with. Doing so is as easy as always choosing the positive, more romantic-sounding options when talking to them. Be sure to only try to pursue one person, as pursuing both can seriously mess things up. Keep every conversation going as long as you can and you should have a romantic relationship established by the end of the campaign.

Upon triggering the romance scene with your new partner, you will immediately unlock the Paramour I achievement. This is where you can cheese the system to unlock the other two. Press the guide button on your Xbox controller and force quit the game. This can be done by clicking the start button while hovering over Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, then choosing the force quitting option.

Boot up the game again and resume your save. Replay the same sequence on the Normandy to trigger the romance scene again. Apparently, the second and third achievements don’t actually require you to establish relationships in the other two games. You just need to trigger three total romance scenes, and that can be cheesed by re-triggering the same scene three times. As soon as the second achievement pops, force quit once again and repeat a third time. After just a few minutes of save abuse, you will have earned all three Paramour achievements in the collection, and you’re not even through the first game.

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