What Is The Max Level Cap In Redfall? Answered

The new action RPG by the makers of Dishonored is here! Arkane Studios brings us to the vampire apocalypse in Redfall, a first-person co-op shooter. Grinding power in this game is a critical part of approaching future content. So, what is the max level that you can reach in Redfall? Should you worry about getting there as soon as possible? And, if you should, then how can you get there as easily as possible? Let’s talk about getting stronger in Redfall.

What Is The Max Level Cap In Redfall? Answered
From your fire station to the streets, you’ll be grinding up your skills on vampire faces.

The max level cap in Redfall is 40 per hero. Each of the four different characters in the game can reach the cap of 40 independently. Each level will give you a skill point that you can slot into the character’s tree, supplying small benefits to your hero. With the 40 total skill points, you’ll completely fill out your tree, reaching max level and making your character as strong as possible… Minus gear choices.

Redfall Max Level Cap
Each hero has their own cap, letting you experience the game for 160 total levels.

Every hero’s skill tree is slightly different. For instance, Jacob’s ability to snipe improves massively through the perks on his tree. Layla’s strange psychic powers improve and specialize to a supportive role on the battlefield. These abilities are strong to start, but you’ll want to improve them early and often. Your guns are strong enough for starting missions, but ensuring that your abilities matter in combat isn’t always so easy. Be sure to spend your early points on those so that they make the most impact during fights!

However, play styles may differ. A more gun-focused Jacob might want early skills to invest into things like ammunition, or you might find yourself running out of lockpicks early on in missions. Invest in the skills that make the most sense concerning your group, but consider how impactful some of your abilities are down the line! Jacob’s Raven, for instance, unlocks a lot of different, high-damage synergies that let you take down vamps much faster.

You will end up getting everything that your character has to offer, so don’t worry about missing out on a skill or two. You will get them all on your way to reaching the max level cap!

What is the Best Way to Get Levels in Redfall?

Unfortunately, the only real way to grind levels in Redfall at the current moment is by playing the hardest content you can afford and finding all of the missions offered. The difficulty of the game does seem to influence the amount of experience that you gain for defeating enemies. For instance, you will gain more experience for kills and missions playing on Midnight than on Dusk.

Midnight and Eclipse – the latter only being available from playthrough 2 onward – are both difficult, and enemies sponge bullets a lot more easily. Even though you will gain more experience, it’s not necessarily faster a faster way to reach max level. Especially while playing solo, the additional health that enemies have can be tedious to handle. Your goal should be balance the speed at which you can complete missions and side missions with the difficulty of enemies. Thankfully, you can change your difficulty at any time by popping into Settings.

Side missions are nice for getting ahead of the curve. They will reward you with additional gear parts and experience for completion, as well as the opportunity to kick serious vampire butt. It’s rarely required, however, as the main mission gives you plenty of chances to up your arsenal and a lot of experience. If you want to get above the expected point, feel free to look around for specific side quests.

How Do You Level Up in Redfall?

You primarily level up in Redfall through quests. The main questline gives a lot of experience per goal acquired, and it will scale accordingly if you prioritize completing it. Side quests give appreciable experience, and are better than nothing if you do want additional strength.

How Long is Redfall?

Redfall is anywhere between 10-20 hours, depending on difficulty and completionist ratings. If you plan on getting to the max level of 40, expect to be closer to the 20-30 hours rating, or more if you want to try the Eclipse difficulty.

Who is the Best Hero in Redfall?

If you’re playing alone, Devinder “Dev” Crousley is your man. His combination of damage, stuns, and escape options let you handle group situations by yourself. If you’re in a group, make sure one player is playing Remi, whose support abilities are incredibly useful when you’re working with others.

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