Metal: Hellsinger Hit Streak Boons | How to Unlock

The Hit Streak Boons in Metal: Hellsinger inspires the player to keep up with the beat by implementing combative bonuses. In particular, these act like passive abilities that can be applied when you reach certain streak counts. In the game, there are four of these distinctive Boons, each providing unique advantages for The Unknown. We’ll go over each one that can be unlocked, so be sure to check out our guide on how to acquire them.

How to Unlock Boons in Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger How to Unlock Boons

Hit Streak Boons are essentially bonuses that are implemented to the score multiplier in Metal: Hellsinger. As long as you’re sticking to the beat of the music, you won’t lose your streak. Thus, you become a killing machine against the hordes of vicious demons. The four that you can obtain are Enduring Fury, Faster Ultimate Cain, Deadlier Dash, and Explosive Slaughters. Each of these will need a certain Hell to be completed, which will then be given to you for your efforts.

Enduring Fury

The first Boon you’ll collect is the Enduring Fury from the Voke Hell. Your hit streak must reach 6 in order for the Boon to activate. What it does is slow down the rate of your fading Fury. In other words, it keeps it from quickly disappearing more so than what you’re accustomed to within a fight.

Faster Ultimate Gain

Next, we have the Faster Ultimate Gain, which is unlockable by finishing the Stygia Hell. For this one, the hit streak must accumulate to 14, and it provides a boost for the Ultimate mechanic. As a side note, if your Ultimate is on cooldown, you can always swap to another firearm to generate Ultimate for that one in particular. You can cause some deadly chaos with this, so we recommend getting this one when you have the chance.

Deadlier Dash

For the third Hit Streak Boon, Deadlier Dash is obtainable by completing the Incaustis Hell. A streak of 22 is required for this bonus to activate. Once the Boon initializes, a damage bonus will be put into place for your Dash ability. So, instead of evading incoming fire, you can charge ahead at your opponents to deliver some additional destruction.

Explosive Slaughters

Finally, the Explosive Slaughters Boon is obtainable by finishing up the Nihil Hell. Players are craving this specific bonus since it’s definitely the best one of the Boons. After achieving a hit streak of 30, your Slaughters in the game become explosive, which greatly damages other demons that are inside the explosion’s vicinity. With this in mind, multiple demons can meet their end within a blink of an eye.

Even though Explosive Slaughters is the last Boon to collect, you can always go back to a Hell and test them out on your demonic foes. It’ll be a good opportunity to check out the New Game Plus feature if you want to dive back into the game.

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