Metal: Hellsinger | Is There Multiplayer?

If you love metal music and FPS games, Metal: Hellsinger is a match made in heaven. This new title from The Outsiders combines rhythm-based combat with some of the most iconic metal bands out there, making for a shooter like no other. With so much anticipation behind it, there’s no surprise to see many are wondering if the game has multiplayer. Can you melt foes faces along with friends, or can you only ever shred alone? Read on to find the answer.

Does Metal: Hellsinger Have Multiplayer?

Does Metal: Hellsinger Have Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Metal: Hellsinger does not have a multiplayer component. All marketing material leading up to the game’s release focuses on its single-player campaign and arcade modes. There’s no mention of any co-operative play or PvP multiplayer, leading many to accept that this could be a solo trip through hell, at least for now. Equally, the game’s Steam page only lists the single-player option in terms of the various play styles available. As such, with nothing out there to suggest anything different, it seems The Outsiders is going for a single-player adventure.

That could change down the line of course, but as things stand at launch, don’t expect to squad up with friends. The Outsiders has yet to announce any multiplayer components, but future updates could no doubt add this feature into the game. It likely all depends on its popularity and reception upon its release. Fortunately Metal: Hellsinger is landing day-one on Xbox Game Pass, so plenty of players will get to try it out. If things go well, don’t be surprised if multiplayer arrives in a future update.

Until then though, Metal: Hellsinger appears to be a game that you can only play alone. It makes sense, given the dark setting and solo nature of the protagonist, but metal fans will no doubt hope to see this change down the line. Until then, you can rock out in single-player, slaying demons as you go.