Metal: Hellsinger Level Cap | Is There A Max Level?

One thing is certain: we’ve never quite seen a game like Metal: Hellsinger before. The demonic rhythm-based FPS is the first of its kind and has received a lot of attention as a result. And, because the game is all about shredding your way to a new high score, many players are curious whether they can grind in the same sense but for a max level. And, as much as we hate to be the bearer of bad news, that isn’t fully the case with this game.

Is There A Max Level Cap in Metal: Hellsinger?

What Is the Max Level Cap in Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger does not have a max level. Furthermore, the game currently lacks traditional player progression in the form of a standard leveling system. Instead, players earn cosmetics, awards, and accomplishments by achieving a high score in one of the game’s eight stages. So, rather than attempting to unlock all the goods by leveling up, you must rock harder than ever before in order to complete challenges and earn rewards. Suiting for a game of its likeness.

Metal: Hellsinger is divided into eight primary levels, which are referred to as “Hells” in-game. After completing a level for the first time, players will receive a high score to see how successfully they rifted through the level. Completing the level will also unlock three extra “Torment” challenges for the level. Completing these challenges allows you to gain extra prizes, such as perks, and is effectively the game’s leveling system.

In retrospect, completing all of Metal: Hellsingers, hells, and torments is essentially the same as hitting a max level. In total there are eight hells and 21 torments to conquer in order to reach the game’s “max level.” And while that may be rewarding enough for most, the bar can be set even higher.

After completing each hell and torment in the game, players will receive their score and see where they stand on the global leaderboards. So, if you want to go even further, you could claim that the max level in Metal: Hellsinger is achieving the highest score in the world leaderboards for each level. However, because you may always do better and obtain a higher score with each attempt, there really is no level cap or maximum level in the game.

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