Metroid Dread Blue Butterflies | What Do They Do?

As you travel throughout Metroid Dread, you’re bound to encounter insects exhibiting unusual behavior. Unlike the many collectibles and enemies scattered throughout the game, they appear as a background element that seems non-interactive: the blue butterflies. These little critters seem to wander the hallways of Metroid Dread, but to what purpose? What are they for? Are they a sign of danger? Progress? Anything like that?

What Is The Purpose of Metroid Dread‘s Blue Butterflies?

Metroid Dread Blue Butterflies

Based on observed behavior and numerous player reports, the blue butterflies in Metroid Dread appear to function as a subtle guide. Every now and then, they seem to fly towards critical pathways that might otherwise be missed. The general consensus among players is that blue butterflies may help identify important clues and passages.

That’s not to say that the butterfly is necessarily a giant arrow towards the right direction. It seems to be significantly more subtle than that. Instead of coins or gems leading the way, this fella seems to appear only when you’re desperate. That’s great, since Metroid Dread can be a bit confusing at the best of times. It can be nice to have a little blue friend to lead you in the generally correct direction. However, they won’t always be helpful, and no one’s quite figured out how or when they choose to aid the player.

Still, the butterfly offers nothing to anyone who isn’t looking for the path forwards. It is not an enemy or a collectable. It seems almost like set dressing, or a background animation, more than a central mechanic. Thankfully, even little background elements can be helpful. If you’re lost or tired of exploring, the blue butterflies in Metroid Dread can help get you back on track. At least someone’s got your back in this massive, enemy infested spaceship!

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