Metroid Dread Ending Rewards | How to Get

Similar to many of its predecessors, Metroid Dread offers multiple ending rewards. Seven, to be specific. These rewards come in the form of special pieces of artwork depicting scenes from other games in the series. In addition to those, there are other pieces of art you can collect by acquiring 100% of the items found in each of the game’s areas. The only exception is the final zone, Itorash. These pieces of artwork don’t add anything to the gameplay, but they are fun to collect, especially if you’re a completionist. Keep reading to find out how to get all of them.

How to Get All Ending Rewards in Metroid Dread

How to Get All Ending Rewards in Metroid Dread

Most of Metroid Dread’s ending rewards are tied to speedruns. However, there are two pieces of artwork you can unlock by completing the game at your own pace, albeit one of them does require you to beat it on Hard difficulty. You can get the next two ending rewards by completing the game in under eight hours. Once on Normal mode and once on Hard mode. Similarly, you can get another two rewards by beating each difficulty mode in under four hours.

Get all six of the aforementioned rewards and you will automatically unlock the seventh and final one. Metroid Dread doesn’t have a New Game Plus so need to worry about the game getting harder after you’ve finished it the first time. The best strategy is to go for the under four hours speedruns right off the bat. That way, you’ll only need to complete each mode once to get all the rewards. Of course, you would probably have to watch some video walkthroughs to be able to pull that off on your first try.

How to Get All Chozo Archives

The Chozo archives are where you can find the eight additional pieces of artwork mentioned at the start of this guide. To unlock these pieces of art you need to completely clear Artaria, Cataris, Dairon, Burenia, Ghavoran, Elun, Ferenia, and Hanubia. This means finding all available items, including all upgrades.  If you’re successful at clearing all eight maps you’ll get an extra entry into the gallery as a bonus reward.

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