Metroid Dread Green Doors | How to Open

As you adventure through planet ZDR, you’re going to come across a few doors. In Metroid Dread, there are actually quite a few different door types, and each need a specific upgrade in order to enter them. There are two types of Green Doors in Metroid Dread, and each are going to need a specific upgrade if you want to get through them. But, what do you need to break through each one?

How to Open Green Light Doors in Metroid Dread

How to Open Green Light Doors in Metroid Dread

In order to open any Green Doors with many green lights on them, you’ll need the Storm Missile upgrade. This upgrade is found after the Worm Door, which is more than halfway through the main campaign within the dark corridors of Ferenia. If you need to get through the green grid door, you need the Super Missile. This is found earlier; you just need to go to Dairon, near the door that unlocks the Power Beam.

The Storm Missile doors are almost like traffic lights. They’re like this because the Storm Missile can hit multiple targets at the same time. Target all five buttons near the door, and you should be able to open it. And don’t worry about this door until you get the Storm Missile. It’s virtually impossible to hit all the buttons in time, and if you do, they won’t unlock without the upgrade anyway.

If a door simply looks like a green version of a standard Metroid Dread door, then you just need the Super Missile. That’ll still take a while; you’ll need to get to Dairon, which is a fair way down the storyline. You can get it much, much earlier, though.

If you want to get it before you get cold resistance, you’ll need a ton of health; Dairon is extremely cold, and the area protecting the super missile deals constant damage to you. This’ll break the standard upgrade order by getting Super Missiles before you can get the Gravity Suit and before you get to Ghavoran.

However, if you can perfectly muscle through Dairon’s cold chamber and get to the middle-left door of the Cold room, you’ve got yourself an upgrade and an Elevator shortcut! Nicely done! You’re even closer to the end of the game.