Metroid Dread Spin Boost Upgrade | How to Get

The Spin Boost is one of the most useful upgrades you can acquire in Metroid Dread. The upgrade improves your spinning jumps and opens up a lot of previously inaccessible places for you to explore. It’s essentially a double-jump that also increases your mobility underwater. Unlocking the Spin Boost takes some work, but you shouldn’t run into any issues if you follow the guide below.

How to Get Spin Boost in Metroid Dread

How to Get Spin Boost in Metroid Dread

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Spin Boost update during your second visit to the Ghavoran region. By then, you should have enough upgrades and weapons to be able to bypass all the challenges you’ll come across on your way to the Item Room.

There are a couple of ways of reaching that room depending on where you entered Ghavoran from. At this point, the route from Elun is your best bet. From there, head left until you reach the Network Station where you can find ADAM. Go left again to enter a room with a giant armored bug and then follow the series of corridors that will eventually lead you to the Map Station.

From the Map Station, head back and carefully make your way through the area patrolled by the EMMI robot. Make sure to cloak yourself as often as needed to avoid detection. After making your way through a series of rooms, some of which will be flooded, you will reach a Save Station on the other side of the big forested area that sits in the center of the map.  There aren’t a lot of these stations in Metroid Dread, so be sure to save your progress while you’re there.

As you exit the Save Station you’ll run into a massive armored insect that you can either fight or bypass using Flash Shift. Continue through the next couple of rooms until you reach an area that’s completely flooded. Take the tunnel near the bottom to find a Morph Ball Launcher and use it to reach the Item Room below. Shoot the orb on the statue to break it and reveal the Spin Boost upgrade. Reaching the ledge that lets you escape the room requires the use of your new ability.