Metroid Prime Remastered Team Fail To Properly Acknowledge Original Developers

Remakes, remasters, and re-interpretations can do a lot for an older title. Still, those new releases ought to give their fair dues to the original. On that latter front, it seems the developers behind Metroid Prime Remastered have dropped the ball. Namely, the new remaster does not offer the full credit list from the original game. There’s quite a large gap between the release of the two, but that’s not to say there wasn’t an original foundation to build upon. Despite this, there’s been little acknowledgment for the old guard, so to speak. Understandably, this lack of full accreditation has left some developers feeling left out of the new game’s success.

Metroid Prime Remastered Barely Acknowledges The Original Development Team

The Gamecube ushered in a number of memorable titles, among them being Metroid Prime from 2002. It spawned a series of fully 3D Metroid titles, while successful, hasn’t been revisited until this year. Following in the normal fashion, the new release is a remaster of the original. However, it quickly became evident that the team behind the remaster did not give full credit to the original development team.

This was highlighted by two members of the original studio, Senior Gameplay Engineer Zoid Kirsch and Tech Lead Jack Matthews. They responded to the fact that the only acknowledgment their team received in the remaster is a simple card referring to them as just “Development Staff”.

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s most serious, but still popular game series. It chronicles the missions of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter operating across the galaxy. Her missions typically involve investigating distress signals and strange phenomena occurring on alien planets and space stations. The Metroid Prime series is unique in that it transformed the IP into an FPS experience. Though many were excited to play the 2.5D entry of Metroid Dread, people are lining up to revisit Metroid Prime as a remaster, with the digital version on February 8 and a physical copy expected on February 22.

It’s been many years since the Metroid Prime series ended, but Metroid Prime Remastered is reigniting interest and popularity. This is why it’s can be considered insulting that the devs behind it didn’t thoroughly acknowledge those who started it all.